Collection 2021

We are inspired by the symbol of energy, endurance and adventure - the color orange. It is the color of courage and determination. Orange is passionate and confident. Orange is fresh, warm and sunny. Orange is balanced, healthy, happy, and orange is undeniably sexy!

​We are glad to announce our collection 2021 – ORANGE. The sustainable indoor shoes are made of 100% wool felt with chrome-free leather and natural rubber outsoles. The core of the collection is slippers designed to help people to rest better at home. We are also offering comfortable office slippers, ballet flats, moccasins and boots in this collection. We hope that you will enjoy the comfort and health benefits of our craft.


Office slippers

These slippers will ease your indoor activities be it at home, office, co-working or collaborative spaces. They are designed for interacting and engaging with the world and your own self. 


Home slippers

They bring you rest. They bring a better health. They heal your bad days and keep you warm after rainy, snowy and windy workdays. Indoor slippers – wear them for the comfy evening goaways.


Production technology: wet-felting

Composition: 100% wool felt 

Outsole: chrome-free leather


Indoor slippers

The indoor slippers are more lightweight and flexible than the hand-felted home slippers. They serve the same purpose as all our shoes – to help people to live and rest in 100% natural and comfortable footwear.


Production technology: machine sewn

Composition: 100% wool felt 

Outsole: chrome-free leather


Ballet flats

Feminine and strong, warm and friendly, durable and sexy, classy and the only… You need them for everything. Ballet flats will set the right mood!



Here is for your jumps and landings, takings and chasings. Moccasins will ease your adventures at home, street and work place!



Early springs and fall inspirations should be walked in handmade shoes. These boots are designed to make your slow pace walks an enjoyable experience. Wear them indoors, wear for outdoors, wear them to spend the Sundays outside the building floors.


Product care


Tumar Art Group

We believe everyone deserves quality. Durable use, which meets the need, is what makes us happy. TUMAR is a felt produсtion and design group. We proudly specialize on making shoes from locally sourced, natural wool felt.


Our first product was launched in 1998 by three women. Today we are proud to empower 200 individuals of professional felt makers and designers. Our mission is to engage with the world by modernizing felt and elevating the standard of living for customers and ourselves.