We are Tumar

TUMAR is a wholesale producer of eco-friendly comfort shoes. Our first product was launched in 1998 by three women. Today we are proud to empower 200 craftswomen of professional felt makers and designers. We serve thousands of customers around the world by making 100% natural wool products.

We draw ideas from traditional materials and craftsmanship of nomadic ancestors. We are inspired by the art of transforming creative minds into high quality and functional items. Our mission is to engage with the world by modernizing felt and elevating standards of living for customers and ourselves. Our monthly production capacity is up to 10,000 pairs of shoes.

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Meet the team

  1. Felt making;

  2. Felt dyeing;

  3.  Pattern cutting;

  4. Wet-fetling; 

  5. Outsole making;

  6. Forming; 

  7. Quality assurance;

Our team consists of professional feltmakers specializing on the sections of our production process. Each section is called workshops as the following: 

Meet below the team members!


Felt making:

The workshop is responsible for cleaning wool, washing and entangling the fibers.


Felt dyeing:

These ladies dye wool and carry out laboratory experiments in bringing just the right tone of color!


Pattern cutting: 

This team is a specialist in measerments and creating basic patterns for a shoe design.



The super responsible part, creating a shoe form with the right density, size and

shape is done with love and a pure logic of thse guys.


Outsole making: 

Sewing the outsoles, logo labels and anything else related to sewing is the job of these handy ladies.


Outsole making: 

The pre-forms of shoes are worn on olds, ironed on the outside and corrected to achieve the necessary shape. Please meet the people who know what a form means.


Quality assurance: 

Every pair of shoe is checked and improved to satisfy the standards, thanks to the attentive care of the ladies in Qulaity Assurance tem.

Our Distributors

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We are looking for distributors and retailers, to work together in bringing more goods to the world. Please contact us via tumar@tumar.com if you are interested.