Frequently asked questions


Do you deliver your products to other countries?

Unfortunately, we do not have a delivery service. However, we assist our customers in arranging shipment to their countries.

When are you going to ship my purchase?

Stocked items are shipped out within 3 business days after the transfer has been delivered to the final destination bank. You will receive a confirmation email after the delivery of your purchase to the shipment service.

What will be my shipping cost?

After you launch an order, we will be able to calculate the exact size and cost of your shipment parcel.

Are you a member of Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) plus?

European Union grants GSP+ status to Kyrgyzstan, came into effect on 27 January 2016. The GSP+ enhanced preferences mean full removal of tariffs on a range of goods including felt and felt products.

Can I pick up my order instead of having it shipped?

Yes, you may certainly do so by contacting us by


How can I place an order?

You can place an order by contacting us via You can also read more information on the conditions of placing an order, payment, delivery and shipment on the B2B page of this website.

According to the policy of the company, production starts after confirming 50% prepayment. The remaining amount and transportation costs are subject for transfer prior to shipment.

Do you have wholesale price?

Yes. Please contact us by for information.

Can I make an order with my own design?

We give the main priority to the items included in the main catalogue of each year. However, we are also happy to work with your design or help you to figure it all out. In this case, volume of the order should meet the minimum quantity of production for the specific item. Please feel free to contacts us by to find out minimum quantity for a specific product.

What is the samples policy of Tumar?

We also work with custom orders as far as they satisfy the minimum quantity required for a specific product. We are happy to provide a sample for confirmation of the order. Please consider that samples are subject to be paid in case a customer does not place an order. Payment for the samples is subject for reimbursement if order is successfully launched.

How can I share an idea, comment or concern with your company?

We are interested in improving the quality of our products. We will be glad to accept your comments and recommendations by email:

Do you have a retail store?

Yes, we certainly do! Our retail store Tumar Art Salon is located at 80 Isanova in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

We also have online shop at


What is Tumar?

Tumar is a triangular-shaped amulet made of leather or felt, believed to protect the owner and bring blessings. Our dream is that the traditional art created by the ancient nomads lived and prospered. By following our dream we place human energy and love in every product so that it may serve as tumar for everyone.

How was Tumar created?

Tumar Art Group was created by three women who started their first handicrafts with 3 kg of wool and a dream to infuse traditional products in the new forms. The first products, from this wool were successfully sold. Subsequently, the initiative group set the light for the foundation of what is today known as Tumar Art Group.

How does Tumar Art Group approach environmental issues?

We strive to minimize pollution to the environment at any stages of production. Our goal is make natural products accessible to more people and this is our input to maintain ecological balance, thus decrease the negative effect of industry to the environment.

What international trade fairs has Tumar participated in?

Since the establishment our products have been exhibited in numerous EXPOs, including Lisbon, Portugal (1998), Hanover, Germany (2000) and Nagoya, Japan (2005), Import Shop Berlin, Germany (since 2001), Du Und Deine Welt in Hamburg, Germany (2006), L’Artigiano in fiera in Milan, Italy (2007), NY NOW in New York, United States (2015), Hands On Design in Milan (2015), Ambiente Messe Frankfurt (since 2015), MosShoes, Moscow, Russia (since 2018), Gallery Shoes Dusseldorf, Germany, (since 2019) and Shanghai Expo, China (since 2018).

How many people does Tumar Art Group employ?

As of today, Tumar Art Group employs around 200 staff members.


What is felt?

It is a densely woven fabric of felted sheep wool. It is one of the oldest materials traditionally used and produced by the nomadic Kyrgyz people. Accordingly, using the technique of felting opened a way to create the first man-made household items and clothing for the ancient nomads. People ate on felt, slept on felt, they wore felt clothes and made practical dwellings or the so called yurts with felt. Although lifestyle and household of people have transformed through the decades, love and affection to felt has preserved to this day. Today felt has become the main material of products made by Tumar Art Group.

How is felt made?

Felt is one of the oldest materials traditionally used and produced by the nomadic Kyrgyz people. It is made thanks to the unique characteristic of wool fibers to interlock under the influence of hot water, steam and pressure to combine fibers. It can vary from being very firm or very soft depending on how densely it has been processed.

Before becoming a final felt sheet, wool goes through the following procedures:

Cleaning: The process begins by sorting raw wool, washing and cleaning to remove contaminants such as twigs or dirt.

Carding: After being cleaned, wool goes through carding process, which untangles wool fibers so that they are parallel to each other.

Wet-felting: After being carded, pre-felt pads are then layered to the desired thickness. Pre-felt is then steamed to cause the fibers to open up for their scale structure. Pads then are compressed under heat, moisture, motion and pressure to cause the fibers to become permanently entangled or felted.

Drying: After the felting process, felt sheets are ready to dry.

Shaving: Since felt is non-woven fabric errant fibers can be left on the surface of felt materials. Therefore, felt is shaved on all sides in order to remove loose fibers and ensure that surface is smooth.

Are the colors of felt in photographs the same as the actual felt colors?

Please do not rely on computer screen representations of felt colors. The way your monitor or device screen is calibrated can distort the look of the color online from the actual color.

Please also take into account that, after dying a color shade on felt may vary by 2-3 nuances from Pantone TPX colors. Therefore we recommend our customers to rely on felt color catalogue of availablewool grades in natural and dyed versions provided by Art-Group Tumar. Dyed felt complies with health and safety standards.

Can felt be used for thermal insulation?

Felt has superior thermal insulating capacity. It can be the best material for protection from heat.

Can felt be used for sound buffering?

Felt is an excellent sound insulator. It can absorb sound and create a specific acoustic environment for commercial or private spaces.


What kind of product does Tumar Art Group produce?

We produce indoor and office slippers. If you are a retail buyer, please check out our online shop at If you are looking for wholesale offers, please check out our page PRODUCTS on this website.

Do you have a catalogue?

Yes we certainly do! We release an annual catalogue towards January-February. You may always access the latest catalogue on page PRODUCTS on this website.

How can I access price-list for the products of Tumar Art Group?

Please email us at to request for the price-lists.

Where are products of Tumar Art Group made?

The products of Tumar are made mainly in Bishkek city and surrounding regions of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.


What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay by cash or through bank transfer. We will provide bank account information upon the request.

Will I get a receipt or invoice with my order?

Once you submit your order through email, you will receive an order confirmation to your email and invoice.


How can I clean felt shoes?

We recommend dry cleaning with a brush. In special cases felt shoes can also be hand-washed in warm water no higher than 35 °С. If washed in hot water, the shoes may decrease in size. In rare situations felt items can be machine washed delicately in wool setting. It is recommended to stretch and give a form to the item and dry in shade after washing.