Sheep wool is a traditional material in Kyrgyzstan due to the historical income activity - sheep-breeding - widely practiced by the nomads in Central Asia. Felt made of sheep wool was one of the ancient materials, which opened a way to create the first man-made household items and clothing for the ancient nomads. Today felt has become the main raw material for products produced by Tumar.

Sheep wool

Our production is based on the locally sourced semi-coarse and semi-fine sheep wool. The suppliers of wool are small farmers from the mountainous regions of the country, such as Naryn and Issyk-Kul regions in Kyrgyzstan. The harsh conditions of the mountains make the local sheep wool unique by its curly structure. This allows to produce denser and durable material which can best serve for making felt shoes, carpets, thermal insulation panels and yurts.

Chrome-free leather

Vegetable tanned leather is used as an outsole to our bestselling products – slippers. Such leather is processed by applying chemical-free, natural tannins and have no negative environmental impact. Such tanning method is ancient, requires skilled craftsmen and takes 30-60 days to produce, making the products generally more expensive. It has an earthy and natural tone and smell.

Natural rubber

Natural rubber outsoles have allowed us to create new models - slippers for more active wearing and working. The material is stretchy, strong and waterproof. Natural rubber is made from milky white liquid – latex which is found in certain plants. Such tree-derived rubber has minimal impact to the environment while harvesting and using the product itself. Rubber can be recycled into another product, like tyres and recycled again after the second life.