Conscious design

We aim to createhigh quality products which can serve with a valuable and durable use. This allows us to take conscious efforts in making design decisions and imagining the world for a mindful living.

Mindfulness. We design shoes for a slow pace of life. We design for people to rest better, walk slower, breath deeper and feel closer to nature. By slowing down the processes, we dream to make a mindful pause towards recharging our planet and ourselves.

High-quality materials. Choosing the durable and recyclable materials is what helps us to create consciously.  The main material we use is felt - 100% natural, renewable and high quality. Thanks to the unique chemical structure of keratin and water-repellent outer membrane, wool materials are resilient and long-lasting.


Durability. Besides working with high-quality materials, it is also the culture of craftsmanship which makes a product durable. We use traditional wet-felting technology which makes slippers as a seamless one body and allows them to serve more time than sewn slippers. Although the process takes longer time and labor force, we commit to favor quality over quantity.


Minimizing waste. Felt is such a generous material allowing to recycle and reproduce all the waste and cut-outs to their fullest potential. The necessary thing is to have the mindset and creativity. We have set up zero-waste management policy for repurposing waste and all the waste goes to making sustainable wool panels for construction of homes. 

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